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Often considered the unofficial capital, Sydney is the oldest and largest city in all of Australia. This bustling region is a Mecca for art and business-as well as the more typical pacific pursuits such as sun, sand and surf!

To say that Sydney is beautiful is an understatement. Amazing sandstone headlands, fantastic golden beaches and the one-of-a-kind Sydney Opera House- this sun drenched city is a veritable feast for the eyes!

Expect to spend a lot of time outdoors when you holiday here. Learning to surf is nearly mandatory while there are also enjoyable kayaking sessions to be undertaken along the stunning harbour. The Bondi Beach and national parks are also perfect for spending a day under the sun- but make sure to bring your sunscreen. Sydney has great summers and mild winters so you’re unlikely to need that winter coat!

Sydney loves to socialise. Make the best of the café culture, neon nightlife and other resting stops as you fly through this city of everything and anything. There is far more on offer than a mere aesthetic however make sure to visit some of the many museums, theatres and galleries in this haven for artistic Australians! This may come as a surprise to those that would brush Sydney off as superficial but it’s important to remember this town was built on the forced emigration of Irish and English convicts(outside of the aboriginals of course). This mix of heritage and history sees Sydney rise above its knockers to stand as a multi-cultural town that boast attitude and diversity.

Festivals are also a huge feature here and you will find it difficult to miss an event of some kind when stopping over. There are different celebrations on each flip off the calendar so get ready to get down and under in what will be undoubtedly be the trip of a lifetime!


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Things to do

There are many market places around Sydney for tourist memorabilia and local handy-crafts- not to mention the tantalising fish and other food stalls in and around the Bondi Beach area. If you’re looking to get a little more commercial then head to David Jones on Castlereagh street for international and Australian designer labels.

Sydney Opera House
This astonishing piece of architecture was only half finished when it’s designer left Australia after a row with the government over the cost of his project. Regardless, the Sydney Opera House has gone on to become one of the most iconic buildings in the world- with its theatre staging over 3,000 productions per annum!

The Rocks
Nestled in the Sydney Harbour- this is where you can find the origins of modern Sydney with plenty of old style buildings, bars, pubs and restaurants playing continuous homage to those bygone days before the Opera House and the Bondi explosion!

The Museum of Contemporary Art
When you’re not on the beaches, strolling through the market places or engaging in some high adrenaline activity you’ll want to stop by this gallery of Australia’s most innovative and ground breaking new artists. Find the gallery on Georges Street.